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Amy and 7 other note-perfect music documentaries
amy movie | Posted on 3rd July 2015

Amy and 7 other note-perfect music documentaries

With Asif Kapadia's acclaimed Amy Winehouse movie now on release, here are 7 of our favourite music docs.

Tags: amy movie, amy movie trailer, amy winehouse, asif kapadia, senna, music documentary movie, searching for sugar man movie

Go behind the seams of Ted 2 with Seth MacFarlane and Mark Wahlberg

You'll believe a teddy bear can talk (plus drink, swear and do drugs) as the filmmakers chat exclusively about the comedy sequel.

Tags: ted 2 movie, ted 2 movie trailer, seth macfarlane, mark wahlberg

Spectre: the biggest and best Bond movie boat chases

007 hits the River Thames this October. Here are 5 other classic boat sequences from the long-running spy series.

Tags: spectre movie, spectre movie trailer, spectre river thames, james bond, daniel craig, sam mendes, skyfall movie, live and let die movie

Watch Arnie fight himself in Terminator: Genisys clip

There's only one thing better than Arnie blowing someone away – Arnie blowing himself away! Watch the clip here.

Tags: terminator: genisys movie, terminator: genisys movie trailer, terminator: genisys movie clip, arnold schwarzenegger

Paul Thomas Anderson to write Robert Downey Jr. Pinocchio movie

The director of Boogie Nights + the star of Iron Man = potentially brilliant new take on classic story? More details here.

Tags: pinocchio movie, paul thomas anderson, robert downey jr.

The genesis of Terminator: Genisys

Travel back in time as we present the history of the hit Terminator franchise in our cool infographic.

Tags: terminator: genisys movie, terminator: genisys movie trailer, arnold schwarzenegger, infographic, emilia clarke

What happens when Ted 2 meets Law and Order?

Picture the scene: a stoned, talking teddy bear and his BFF improvise lyrics to one of America's top TV shows.

Tags: ted 2 movie, ted 2 movie trailer, ted 2 movie clip, seth macfarlane, mark wahlberg, law and order

Ant-Man movie clip: Paul Rudd gets his shrink on

Scott Lang tries out his shrinking suit – and discovers how dangerous a simple bathtub can be! Watch the scene here.

Tags: ant-man movie, ant-man movie trailer, ant-man movie clip, paul rudd, marvel, superhero, comic book

July's Unmissable movies: Terminator, Inside Out, Mission Impossible and more

Hordes of robots, heartwarming family animations and action extravaganzas. Spend your summer in Cineworld!

Tags: unmissable movies, terminator: genisys movie, inside out movie, mission: impossible – rogue nation movie

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