Ruby Sparks (15A)

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Release date

12th October 2012

Running Time

104 minutes


Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris


Art-house, Comedy, Drama


Steve Coogan, Annette Bening, Paul Dano, Chris Messina, Antonio Banderas, Zoe Kazan, Elliott Gould

A struggling writer brings his fantasy woman to life in this mind-blowing romantic comedy. Young novelist Calvin (Paul Dano) is a former literary sensation who's afflicted by a crippling case of writer's block. Under the guidance of his shrink, Dr. Rosenthal (Elliott Gould), Calvin is inspired to start writing about the woman of his dreams. Suddenly the words begin to flow as he falls in love with his beautiful creation, Ruby Sparks. What he doesn't anticipate is that Ruby (Zoe Kazan) will materialise in his apartment! Having satisfied himself that she really exists, Calvin discovers that she will do anything he writes. But rather than being the ultimate male fantasy, this brings all manner of complications. From the directors of 'Little Miss Sunshine', 'Ruby Sparks' is a dazzling romantic fantasy with real emotional depth. It's brilliantly written by actress Zoe Kazan, with a great supporting cast including Annette Bening, Antonio Banderas and Steve Coogan.

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It's clever, funny and thought-provoking, with a perceptive commentary on relationships beneath the surface whimsy.

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