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Uklad Zamkniety (15A)

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Release date

5th April 2013

Running Time

119 minutes


Jaroslaw Kopaczewski




Janusz Gajos, Kazimierz Kaczor, Przemyslaw Sadowski, Jaroslaw Kopaczewski

Famed Polish director Ryszard Bugajski presents another dramatic and topical drama. Three Polish entrepreneurs have established massive fortunes via murky and illegal practices. But one day the men are discovered and, disgraced, they lose everything. After seven years of struggle, all charges against them are dropped - but the men are ruined, both financially and mentally. Based on true events, this gripping drama is directed by Ryszard Bugajski, the man behind the highly controversial 1982 film Interrogation. That film explored false imprisonment under the Stalinist regime and was banned in Poland for several years. Now, the director presents another topical drama about the corrupting influence of money and greed.

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This engrossing film about the endless pursuit of power is very much one for our times.

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