Take 2 Thursday - Now You See Me (TBC)

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Release date

10th October 2013


Louis Leterrier


Action, Drama, Thriller


Morgan Freeman, Isla Fisher, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco, Michael Caine

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Four brilliant illusionists use their talents to rob banks in this mind-bending thriller.

Meet the self-styled Four Horsemen. Henley (Isla Fisher), Merritt (Woody Harrelson), Michael (Jesse Eisenberg) and Jack (Dave Franco) are stage magicians with a penchant for breathtaking illusions during spectacular stage shows. But there's more to their act than just entertainment. At the climax of their performance in Las Vegas, they teleport an audience member into a bank to steal $140m. This is then showered over the audience as compensation for the bankers' misdeeds. Naturally, these Robin Hood-style antics don't go down too well with bank manager Arthur Tressler (Michael Caine). But then the mysterious Thaddeus Bradley (Morgan Freeman) tells him that the robbery was just a distraction while the real trick was set up! Nothing is quite what it seems as the ingenious heist caper meets the brain-melting illusionist drama in 'The Transporter' director Louis Leterrier's gripping thriller.

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Cleverly plotted and brilliantly played, this is a film you'll need to watch very closely to avoid being tricked!

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