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News! Aquaman is now the highest-grossing movie in the DCEU


DC comic book epic Aquaman has made an enormous splash at the box office – so much so, it's now the most successful movie in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) franchise.

Jason Momoa reprises his role as the half-human, half-Atlantean hero in the movie, directed by The Conjuring and Fast & Furious 7 filmmaker James Wan. The movie is our official introduction to the character's underwater kingdom of Atlantis where Aquaman becomes locked in a fierce struggle with his half-brother Orm (Patrick Wilson).

Adopting the style of 2017's hit Wonder Woman the movie continues to lighten the DCEU tone, adding humour and vibrancy where gloom and introspection have previously dominated. (The sombre likes of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice weren't exactly renowned for their levity.)

The approach has clearly worked: according to Box Office Mojo, Wan's movie is on the verge of cracking $1 billion at the global box office, having grossed $940m to date and overhauling the worldwide totals of Batman v Superman ($873m) and Wonder Woman ($821m). 

After just 16 days on release, the movie is now rivalling the DC likes of The Dark Knight Rises ($1.08bn) and The Dark Knight ($1.004bn), although neither of those Christoper Nolan blockbusters is affiliated with the DCEU.

When placed next to its Marvel rivals, Aquaman now stands a strong chance of overtaking, or at least equalling, Captain America, which accumulated $1.15bn during its global run. Given Aquaman is just over two weeks into its theatrical run, it may also pose a threat to additional Marvel titles Iron Man 3 ($1.2bn) and Avengers Assemble ($1.5bn).

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