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5 classic songs from The Little Mermaid that you need to sing along to


Are you old enough to have seen The Little Mermaid upon its original 1989 release? Or have you grown up with Disney's masterpiece, credited with kick-starting the Disney 'renaissance' period, on VHS? Either way, we've got some very exciting news for you.

That's because we're hosting a delightful sing-along screening in Cineworld on Thursday 14th June as part of our Disney princess season. We've rounded up five show stopping numbers from the film (including an Oscar-winner) that will get you in the mood for some under the sea adventures.

1. 'Part of Your World'

Ariel voice actress Jodi Benson leads the charge in this surging soundtrack opener, composed by in-house Disney specialist Alan Menken (who won a Golden Globe for his rousing score) with lyrics by the late Howard Ashman. If this doesn't get you in the Disney mind-set, nothing will.

2. 'Under the Sea'

Jamaican hermit crab Sebastian (voiced by Samuel E. Wright) is one of the most memorable Disney sidekicks of all time, and here delivers one of its most memorable songs. Under the Sea's infectious, Oscar-winning calypso rhythms are the definition of 'ear worm'.

3. 'Poor Unfortunate Souls'

What's a Disney movie without a great villain? Although The Little Mermaid is generally regarded as one of the most upbeat from their stable, it's also got one of their most fearsome villains in the form of sea-witch Ursula. Voice actor Pat Carroll's booming vocal performance nails the character's colours to the mast.

4. 'Les Poissons'

Let's face it, everyone remembers 'Under the Sea', but it's always a delight re-discovering those underrated Disney tunes. This one, performed by chef Louis (Rene Auberjonois), is one of the story's most amusing, and the ideal scene-setter when you feel like indulging in a spot of French cuisine.

5. 'Kiss the Girl'

All's well that ends well in the world of The Little Mermaid, as Ariel finds her one true love in the form of Prince Eric (Christopher Daniel Barnes). But getting to that point is an emotional rollercoaster - who can forget this song from Sebastian, in which he's encouraging Eric to kiss her before the newly human Ariel reverts to mermaid form? It's the kind of exquisite creation for which Disney is so renowned.

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