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Booksmart: watch the first 6 minutes of Olivia Wilde's terrific high-school comedy


It may not be out in the UK for a week, but we're delighted to present you with the opening six minutes of acclaimed comedy Booksmart.

Actor Olivia Wilde turns director for this acutely perceptive and often wincingly funny take on adolescent angst. Beanie Feldstein (sister of Jonah Hill) and Kaitlyn Dever are a winning duo as the academic friends keen to muscle in on some alcoholic craziness on their final night of high school. After all, who's to say that bookworms can't party with the best of them?

Feldstein and Dever's chemistry is on full display in this extract as Wilde clearly derives influence from the genre-defining likes of John Hughes. Watch out also for the scene-stealing performance from Jason Sudeikis as their world-weary principal and a brilliant reference to Shakespeare in the Park(ing Lot).

Like the look of that? Then don't forget Booksmart is released in the UK on 31st May.