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Chris Evans steals the show in new Knives Out clip


For the best part of a decade, actor Chris Evans has had to keep the snark under control with his portrayal of Captain America. The noble Marvel super-soldier puts virtue and decency above all else – so one can sense Evans' delight at being liberated from the role in the following clip from Knives Out.

Rian Johnson's witty murder mystery casts Daniel Craig as investigator Benoit Blanc, who is summoned to solve the mysterious death of wealthy crime writer Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer). Suspicion immediately falls on Thrombey's warring family members, each of whom appear to harbour motivations for murder. 

One of the key characters is so-called black sheep Ransom Drysdale, played with a great amount of sarcastic relish by Evans. Ransom is the controversial figure who skipped the wake but arrives promptly for the will reading, and Evans' delicious line delivery more than makes up for the years of repressed Captain America sincerity. Check it out below.

Knives Out is released in Cineworld cinemas on the 27th of November, preceded by our Knives Out Cineworld Unlimited screening on the 25th of November.