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News! Disney-Pixar reveal new project Onward starring Chris Pratt and Tom Holland


Having delivered a rollicking sequel to The Incredibles with this summer's Incredibles 2, animators Disney-Pixar are returning to original concepts.

New movie Onward sounds like another emotional rollercoaster from a studio that specialises in them. Earlier this year, Mexican-themed Day of the Dead odyssey Coco reduced us all to tears, and Onward sounds similarly emotive.

Variety says Onward "follows two teenage elf brothers who embark on an extraordinary quest to discover if there is still magic left in the world". Directed by Monsters University film-maker Dan Scanlon, the voice cast is quite something.

Avengers: Infinity War co-stars Chris Pratt and Tom Holland take the lead vocal roles with support from The Shape of Water's Octavia Spencer and Veep's Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

"At Pixar we try to create stories that come from some kind of personal truth," Scanlon said. "This film was inspired by my own relationship with my brother."

If you're not already tearing up, in a tweet Pratt revealed the initial pitch caused him to do just that.

Chris Pratt says Pixar's Onward made him cry

Onward is released on 6th March 2020, preceded by Pixar's very own Toy Story 4, which reaches us on 21st June 2019.

In the meantime, Chris Pratt returns to voice Emmett Brickowski in The LEGO Movie 2, released on 8th February 2019. Tom Holland is next appearing in Chaos Walking, released on 1st March 2019, and then Spider-Man: Far From Home, out on 5th July 2019.

Both actors will be back (although it's unclear if they'll share screen time) in Marvel's Avengers: Endgame, released on 26th April 2019. Tweet us @Cineworld with your most anticipated movie from these A-listers.