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Green Book and 5 other hilarious buddy road trip movies


A road trip shared by an African-American classical pianist and a white Italian-American bouncer?

Inspired by a true story, Peter Farrelly's critically acclaimed new comedy-drama Green Book has been nominated for five Golden Globes, and stars Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen as a comically mismatched couple of travel companions. As this chalk and cheese duo embark on a journey across America in 1962, they'll come face to face with the prejudices lurking within each other and also the country's racially segregated deep south.

Green Book is only the latest in a long line of buddy road trip movies, however. To prepare you for the movie's release in February, here are five of our favourites...

1. Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987)

When highly-strung marketing executive Neal Page's (Steve Martin) plane is diverted to Wichita, Kansas, because of a blizzard, it looks like he won't make it home in time for Thanksgiving. Unluckily for him, the slobbish but sweet-hearted Del Griffith (John Candy) has decided to join him for his torturous trip home, a trip that takes in, yes, planes, trains and automobiles…

This festive favourite (it may be a Thanksgiving movie, but to British eyes it simply looks like a snow-coated Christmas movie) features two of 1980s comedy's biggest names at the top of their game. And John (Home Alone) Hughes' script mixes belly laughs with pathos in what's one of the decade's funniest and most touching comedies.

2. Midnight Run (1988)

Nobody had ever seen Robert De Niro in a comedy film before 1988, and so Midnight Run was an eye-opening experience for cinema-goers, showing that the Taxi Driver and Raging Bull star was also a gifted comic actor.

Here he stars as crabby bounty hunter Jack Walsh who has to take fugitive accountant Jonathan "The Duke" Mardukas (Charles Grodin) from New York to Los Angeles in order to collect his $100,000 fee. Odd couples don't come much odder than these two, and the increasingly farcical nature of their journey is utterly hilarious.

3. The Odd Couple 2 (1998)

The first Odd Couple, released in 1968 with its whip-smart Neil Simon script and career-defining performances from Jack Lemmon (the tidy, ordered one) and Walter Matthau (the slob), is a much-treasured classic. With Simon returning on scripting duties, as well as Lemmon and Matthau in their old roles, this road movie-styled three-decades-later sequel is just as hilarious.

4. Sideways (2004) 

Two middle-aged friends (Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church) decide to go soul-searching and wine drinking around California in this warm-hearted black comedy from Nebraska director Alexander Payne.

Giamatti plays Miles Raymond, a depressed teacher and unsuccessful writer, with Haden Church as Jack Cole, a past-his-sell-by-date actor, who decides to join his old friend on a week-long road trip around Santa Barbara County wine country to celebrate Jack's upcoming wedding.

5. Due Date (2010)

Zach Galifianakis seems to have cornered the market over the past few years in playing those zany, unpredictable and frequently embarrassing friends. But despite all that, there's always a warmth to his characters and though most people would run a mile from his character in Due Date, he's the heart and soul of the film.

The movie finds Galifianakis on a road trip across the country with Robert Downey Jr's uptight architect. Galifianakis' character is a dopey wannabe actor with a distinctive walk, a French bulldog called Sonny and his father's ashes in a coffee can. You can guess how they get on…

Green Book hits Cineworld on 1st February, so check out the trailer below and tweet us your favourite road trip movies @Cineworld.