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Feel like a superhero with our LEGO Batman soundtrack playlist!


Want to be as cool as LEGO Batman? Sadly it's not possible but you can get at least halfway there by checking out our seriously awesome Dark Knight soundtrack playlist. Scroll down and check it out.

The Batman theme (Batman, 1966)

After a bit of retro flavour? You can't go wrong with the signature Adam West/Burt Ward TV theme.

Danny Elfman - Batman theme (Batman, 1989)

Along with John Williams' Superman theme (perhaps we shouldn't namedrop the Man of Steel in this playlist), this is the godfather of superhero movie themes, one that invested Michael Keaton's Dark Knight with a majestic sense of brooding heroism.\

Prince – Trust (Batman, 1989)

Who can forget Jack Nicholson's deranged Joker clowning around to the late, purple-suited hit-meister's tunes? It lends an added sense of fun to Tim Burton's first Batman movie.

Siouxsie and the Banshees – Face to Face (Batman Returns, 1992)

Tim Burton's sequel was infinitely darker and weirder than the first movie, so it needed a Gothic soundtrack to match. Who better than Sioxsie for the job?

U2 – Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me (Batman Forever, 1995)

Michael Keaton was out, Val Kilmer was in for Joel Schumacher's infinitely campier mid-nineties Batman reboot. Ireland's resident hit-makers helped bring Bats into a new era.

Hans Zimmer – Molossus (Batman Begins 2005)

Christopher Nolan redefined the Dark Knight for the 21st century and Zimmer's muscular, brooding rhythms were less a soundtrack than a statement of intent: this was going to be unlike any Batman before.

The No Parents Song (The LEGO Movie, 2014)

LEGO Batman is why we're here and this is his masterpiece. Just don't ask him about his feelings.

Who's the (Bat)man – Patrick Stump

LEGO Batman's new anthem is a blast of purely awesome self-confidence and ego – but frankly we wouldn't expect anything less.

What's on your LEGO Batman playlist? Let us know @Cineworld.