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Tom Cruise returns (and runs) in new trailer for Mission: Impossible – Fallout


Tom Cruise doesn't do things by halves. The star of the Mission: Impossible series has proven this time and again with his hair-raising commitment to his own stunts, from ascending the Burj Khalifa in Ghost Protocol to clinging to an airborne plane in Rogue Nation.

Cruise also recognises the need to top his daredevil insanity with each new movie, which is why latest instalment Fallout looks especially intense. Crashing helicopters, skydiving and leaps from London high-rise buildings are all on the cards in the latest Ethan Hunt adventure. We've cracked into the new trailer to bring you some suitably breathless highlights.

1. Peace and suffering

Previous movie Rogue Nation ended with the disavowed IMF capturing Syndicate leader Solomon Lane (Sean Harris). This act of bravery restored the integrity of Hunt's team, among them double-agent-turned-good Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson), Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg) and Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames).

However, it seems their victory is short-lived. Fallout, directed by Rogue Nation filmmaker Christopher McQuarrie, begins when the villainous Lane escapes in Paris – but not before promising Hunt that "the blood will be on your hands". That sounds ominous, and sure enough, IMF chief Hunley (Alec Baldwin) is soon breathing down our hero's neck again. But he's not the only problem this time...

2. Enter the CIA

With responsibility for Lane's escape falling squarely on Hunt's shoulders, Hunley's authority is superseded by CIA bigwig Angela Bassett (recently seen as Queen Ramonda in Black Panther). "You use a scalpel... I use a hammer," she says when comparing the IMF's tactics to her own. And said hammer arises in the form of Justice League's Henry Cavill, who is the moustachioed muscle August Walker responsible for bringing Hunt in. The brief glimpse of their bathroom fight teases what looks like the most brutal hand-to-hand struggle in the series so far.

As Luther warns: "He's not just an observer... He's an assassin." Even so, we can't help but wonder – who's the main antagonist? Or are we getting two for the price of one in the form of both Cavill and Harris?

3. Leap of faith

The Mission: Impossible movies have become famous for their globe-trotting nature, and this latest instalment takes in both Paris and London. The latter is the setting for the now-infamous stunt that caused Cruise to bust his ankle while leaping over a rooftop. Here we get the humorous preamble as Benji must convince Hunt to leap out of a high rise window – a pleasing reminder that these movies can always make us laugh even as we're trying to catch our breath.

4. Paris bike chase

Both Mission: Impossible II and Rogue Nation had spectacular motorbike chases. But now Hunt faces his deadliest challenge: fearsome Parisian traffic. Seriously, anyone who's even attempted to drive around the city's Arc de Triomphe at a normal speed will admire what the film's stunt team have pulled off here.

5. Jules in danger

McQuarrie has already indicated that the title Fallout has a double meaning, with Hunt's past actions coming back to haunt him. Hunt married his wife Jules (Michelle Monaghan) in Mission: Impossible III, but the end of Ghost Protocol made it clear that Hunt's espionage actions compromised her safety, causing their relationship to end.

However, Lane's scheming may have put her back in the firing line, with this chilling vision of a lakeside wedding obliterated by what looks like a nuclear blast. We're willing to bet it's a dream sequence (that wasn't how they were married in the third movie), but the chilling implications are very clear.

Plus, is that Lane himself officiating? Yeah, we definitely reckon it's a dream.

6. Friends turned enemies

Ferguson's character Ilsa vacillated between the poles of good and evil in Rogue Nation, before finally settling on the former. However, her relationship with Hunt is similarly compromised by his need to go rogue, and she even ends up firing at him. Will this new movie see Hunt more isolated than ever before?

7. Vanessa Kirby

The BAFTA-winning star of Netflix smash The Crown makes a brief but impactful appearance when wielding a knife in what looks like some sort of nightclub. There's no indication who she's playing, but she's another strong actor amid an already impressive ensemble cast.

8. Skydive

This stunt was reportedly an entire year in the planning, undertaken by Cruise and Cavill no less than 106 times. 

According to Deadline, Cruise said he wanted to be the one to skydive out of a plane traveling 220 mph over 80,000 feet in the air above the United Arab Emirates, the only place they could film it. And to get the three shots they wanted for the sequence required 106 jumps, which included a cameraman filming Cruise with a camera on his head and "only a sense of instinct."

Yep, he's definitely braver than we are.

9. Clifftop fight

So it turns out we don't just get one punch-up between Cruise and Cavill in Fallout. An even more spectacular one plays out both atop, and on the sides of, some towering mountain peaks, so those who suffer from a fear of heights had better steel their nerves. Interestingly, on closer inspection, the side of Cavill's head looks burnt, so we imagine they've already had a brutal heart to heart prior to this moment.

10. Helicopter vs. helicopter

OK, so Cavill's (as yet unnamed) character fights Cruise twice and fires at him during a helicopter pursuit, so we might assume by the end of the trailer that he's the primary antagonist. Even so, we're here for the awesome, practical stunt work that, in the manner of these films, puts CGI on the back burner in favour of genuine, palm-sweating tension.

Cruise earned his own pilot's licence for the movie's pivotal chopper chase sequence (filmed in New Zealand), although we can't imagine they'd launch the body of an actual helicopter at him for real. Surely that's going too far, even for The Cruiser?

What highlights did we miss from the trailer? Let us know @Cineworld and prepare for Mission: Impossible – Fallout on 26th July.