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Paul Dano as cast as The Riddler in The Batman


The Batman cast continues to expand with news that Paul Dano will be playing feared villain, The Riddler.

This is excellent news – those familiar with Dano's acting work will be aware of his penchant for playing creeps and weirdos. From the duplicitous preacher in There Will be Blood to the revolting slaver in 12 Years a Slave, Dano has an ability to confront unpleasant portrayals head-on.

Recently, however, Dano has stepped behind the camera, delivering the excellent though sadly overlooked drama Wildlife, starring Carey Mulligan and Jake Gyllenhaal. 

Created by Bill Finger and Dick Sprang, The Riddler, otherwise known as Edward Nygma, made his debut in 1948. He then rose to prominence as one of Batman's most feared enemies, locking the Dark Knight in a fierce battle of intellectual wits. The character was last portrayed on the big screen to comically maniacal effect by Jim Carrey in Batman Forever, although Nygma is a regular staple in the Gotham TV series.

Dano will be battling Robert Pattinson as Batman, and joins a cast that also includes Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman. Jonah Hill was rumoured to be lined up as The Penguin but dropped out over apparent salary disputes. It remains to be seen whether Casino Royale's Jeffrey Wright will be confirmed as Commissioner Gordon.

Written and directed by Matt Reeves, who directed the last two movies in the rebooted Planet of the Apes series, The Batman focuses on Bruce Wayne's detective years. 

The Batman is released on 25th June 2021, so tweet us @Cineworld if you think Dano is the ideal choice.