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Shortcuts: your essential round-up of the week's film news


Welcome to your latest Shortcuts round-up – here's what's been making our headlines this week.

Kingsman creator Mark Millar talks to Cineworld about upping the ante for The Golden Circle

The man behind Kick Ass and Kingsman talked to us about what makes this sequel even bigger and even better... 

Blade Runner 2049 unveils new anime prequel

The countdown continues to the most anticipated sci-fi sequel of 2017 that doesn’t have ‘Star Wars’ in its title.

The DC blockbusters poised to follow Justice League

Cineworlder Ryan Jones gets stuck into the future of the DC Extended Universe.

Why the Flatliners reboot will set your heart racing

It’s out today. Here’s why this sequel/remake is a must-see.

YouTube's Jack Howard on the best films yet to come in 2017

The year ain't over yet, baby…

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