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The LEGO Movie 2's Chris Pratt and 5 other actors who played multiple roles in the same movie


There's plenty of reasons why we're excited for the arrival of The LEGO Movie 2 in Cineworld on 8th February. A bigger adventure, more of the hilarity that made the original special, the return of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller as writers, and spending more time with our favourite LEGO characters, are but four of the reasons.

One such character was unlikely hero Emmett Brickowski, who was easily one of the best parts of the first film thanks to a wonderful vocal performance by Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World). Given his exquisite comedic timing and loveable charm, we can't wait to see Pratt reprise this role as Emmett in the LEGO Movie sequel.

Even better, we'll be getting more of Chris Pratt this time around as he's also voicing new character Rex Dangervest, a space adventurer who acts as a loving parody of Pratt's most well-known roles. (The grizzled, stubbly Rex is not just an intergalactic explorer but also a velociraptor trainer.)

Playing two characters is no easy feat, but given the level of Pratt's talent we'll surely have no qualms about the end result. Pratt isn't the only actor who's played multiple roles in the same movie, however...

The LEGO Movie 2 poster

1. Peter Sellers – Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964)

While Mike Myers is superb in his roles in the Austin Powers trilogy, even his performances don't come close to the comedy legend that is Peter Sellers in blackly comic masterpiece Dr Strangelove.

From film-making master Stanley Kubrick, this political satire follows a race against time to stop nuclear annihilation after a general launches an unauthorised attack on Russia.

Like the other actors on this list, Sellers's acting range is put on display with him embodying three completely different – and hilariously named – characters: the timid US president Merkin Muffley, the disciplined Captain Lionel Mandrake, and the eponymous, wildly eccentric German doctor with a dubious past.

Each of these characters is just as funny as the last, with Sellers providing many of the film's biggest laughs. He's a comedy legend for a reason, and this film proves exactly why.

2. Mike Myers – Austin Powers series (1997-2002)

From Coming to America to the Monty Python films, comedies are the ideal place to find some of the funniest actors in multiple roles. While we could've chosen any number of examples, one of our favourites has to be Mike Myers in the raunchy spy parody series Austin Powers.

Not only does Myers play the role of the eponymous spy with a lot of mojo and chest hair, he also plays his adversary Dr Evil, the hilariously incompetent criminal mastermind with a love of air quotes, world domination and his cat Mr Bigglesworth.

And Myers doesn't stop there. In each of the subsequent sequels he played an additional role: the oversized Scotsman Fat B*****d in sequel The Spy Who Shagged Me and then the titular villain in third movie Goldmember, which meant Myers was playing four separate characters.

Now that's what we call "groovy, baby".

3. Jake Gyllenhaal – Enemy (2013)

As has been illustrated countless times, seeing your doppelgänger (someone who looks exactly like you) is never a good sign. Films like The Double, Vertigo and upcoming Jordan Peele horror Us are perfect examples, but for this list we've chosen director Denis Villeneuve's mind-bending thriller Enemy.

It stars Jake Gyllenhaal as mild-mannered professor Adam who become obsessed with an actor he notices in a film – a man who looks exactly like him. After tracking down the man, who is named Anthony (also played by Gyllenhaal), the pair eventually agree to meet.

It's at this point Anthony becomes infatuated with Adam's girlfriend (Mélanie Laurent) and the pair's lives become increasingly intertwined with deception and obsession, resulting in strange revelations. Though Gyllenhaal is playing two physically identical characters, their personalities couldn't be any more different.

These performances are so clearly differentiated that it feels like we're watching two different actors onscreen. And although the ending of the film might leave you scratching your head, Gyllenhaal's engrossing dual performance is reason enough to return for another viewing.

4. Tom Hardy – Legend (2015)

After establishing himself as one of the biggest acting heavyweights working today by starring in the likes of The Dark Knight Rises, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Dunkirk, there's no denying Tom Hardy's acting chops.

It's therefore no surprise that in 2015 Hardy took both starring roles in gritty crime biopic Legend as the notorious Kray twins who dominated London's crime scene in the 1960s. As the Krays, Hardy lets his suave and charismatic side shine through his portrayal of Reggie, while his more uncaged and volatile side was showcased through his depiction of Ronnie.

He was simply fantastic as both twins, but what makes this dual performance noteworthy is how he carried an onscreen rapport with himself throughout. This wasn't Hardy's only time in a double role, either. Last year he took the spotlight as both investigative journalist Eddie Brock and the titular alien symbiote in dark comic-book outing Venom.

5. Tilda Swinton – Suspiria (2018)

A more recent example comes in the form of Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino's unnerving remake of horror classic Suspiria. In this tale of a German ballet school beset by witchcraft, actor Tilda Swinton tackles the roles of malevolent dance instructor Madame Blanc, Dr Klemperer, a psychoanalyst who gets entangled in the film's plot, and (spoilers!) the monstrous coven leader Helena Markos.

The remake might lack the unique colourful aesthetic of Dario Argento's original, but thanks to some grotesque visuals and fantastic performances this version is just as disturbing.

Intriguingly, there was a lot of secrecy surrounding Swinton's additional roles – she even created an alter ego named Dr Lutz Ebersdof who wasn't just credited as playing Klemperer, but had his own IMDb page created. And it was all for the purposes of an elaborate prank.

All that make-up might not have fooled everyone, but Swinton still gives incredible performances in an memorable horror experience.

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Andy Murray is a writer who blogs for Cineworld as part of our news team.