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News! Venom sequel moves ahead with the same screenwriter


It was one of the biggest hits of 2018, and news has come in that the Venom sequel is officially moving forward.

Variety indicates the first movie's writer/producer Kelly Marcel will be back to oversee Venom 2, which promises to reunite us with Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock and Michelle Williams as his girlfriend Anne Weying. The first movie culminated in an uneasy truce between journalist Eddie and the alien symbiote that had invaded his body, with a post-credits teaser revealing deranged Woody Harrelson villain Kletus Kasady (who in the comics transforms into the feared Carnage).

Given Sony's enormous success with Venom ($855 million at the global box office), a sequel was inevitable. However, rumours suggest director Ruben Fleischer will have to step aside owing to prior commitments on Zombieland 2, the sequel to the hit 2009 comedy-horror starring Jesse Eisenberg (in which Harrelson also starred). That film is scheduled for release on 11th October 2019.

Last November, Sony listed an 'unnamed Marvel movie' for release on 2nd October 2020 – likely to be Venom 2. It will be preceded by the Morbius: The Living Vampire movie starring Jared Leto on 10th July 2020. 

Both movies are continuations of 'Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters', a franchise adjacent to Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tweet us your thoughts on Venom 2 @Cineworld.