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Christian Bale is totally unrecognisable in the first trailer for Vice


We're used to radical transformations from Oscar winner Christian Bale – he famously shrivelled away to nothing for 2004 thriller The Machinist, before piling on the weight and the muscle immediately afterwards for Batman Begins.

That said, Bale's latest transformative role is truly remarkable, even by his usual standards. The first trailer for upcoming political drama Vice reveals – or rather, conceals – the actor as former US Vice President Dick Cheney, the man who served under President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2009.

The movie is directed by Adam McKay, who made a hugely successful move from comedy to drama with 2015's Oscar-winning The Big Short. No doubt he's looking to replicate that success with this multi-generational look at Cheney's career, in which Bale portrays the politician at various stages in his life.

Judging from the trailer, t it's Bale as the older, grey-haired Cheney that really stuns, and the appearance of Sam Rockwell as Bush (nailing the look and vocal mannerisms) also impresses. Oscar nominee Amy Adams plays Cheney's wife Lynne and Steve Carell (reuniting with McKay after The Big Short) portrays Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld.

Will Bale, McKay and the supporting cast be in line for Oscars? Watch the trailer and let us know @Cineworld. Vice is released on 1st February 2019.