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Watch 4 new clips from World War II epic Midway


Independence Day director Roland Emmerich is back with World War II epic Midway, on release now in Cineworld cinemas.

This lavishly staged historical drama re-enacts the pivotal Midway battle between the American and Japanese forces, which ensued after the attack on Pearl Harbour in December 1941.

The likes of Woody Harrelson, Luke Evans and Patrick Wilson put a human face on history in Emmerich's latest extravaganza, which features numerous, action-packed combat scenes on the sea and in the air.

The movie screens in Cineworld in both standard widescreen and 4DX – the latter ensures you feel every explosion and aerial dive as one of the greatest wartime conflicts gets underway, courtesy of moving seats and immersive effects.

Get ready for the movie with the following four clips.

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