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Watch Michael Myers return in the chilling new Halloween trailer


The phrase 'he's behind you' could have been invented for relentless serial killer Michael Myers, who returns to our screens this October in the chilling Halloween reboot.

Having originated in John Carpenter's 1978 micro-budget slasher masterpiece, Myers then cut a swathe through any number of hapless victims in the ensuing Halloween sequels. However, it's time to put those out of your mind, because this new movie, directed by Pineapple Express filmmaker David Gordon Green, wipes the slate clean, picking up decades after the events of Carpenter's original.

We reunite with Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), who barely survived the rampaging Myers when a teenager, and who now has turned into a gun-toting badass. She's waiting for his inevitable return to the town of Haddonfield, Illinois and, sure enough, the masked maniac soon comes calling once again, picking off a crop of new characters in the process.

Written by Green and his regular cohort Danny McBride, and produced by the Blumhouse stable (responsible for the likes of Get Out), there's hope the new Halloween will kickstart a new procession of movies in the series. It's out on 19th October, so check out the new trailer below – and don't forget to look behind you...