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Watch two clips from Oscar nominated drama Vice


Oscar nominated drama Vice is on release now in Cineworld, showcasing another remarkable performance from star Christian Bale.

The Dark Knight and American Hustle actor disappears into the role of quietly manipulative American vice president Dick Cheney, in a movie that explores the former VP's consolidation of power in the George W. Bush era.

This multi-generational satire comes from The Big Short director Adam McKay, offering Bale a juicy role that allows him to portray the power-hungry Cheney at various stages of his political career. Most striking is the emergence of Bale as the older, heavy-set, greying Cheney who is skilled enough to wrap the guileless Bush (Sam Rockwell) around his little finger.

Bale has been Oscar nominated for his acclaimed performance, as has Rockwell and Amy Adams (who plays Cheney's ambitious wife Lynne). The movie has generated strong reactions for its combative, provocative take on a controversial American figure, and you can get a taster in the following clips.

Click here to book your tickets for Vice, on release now in Cineworld.