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How do I pick up the tickets that I have booked online at the Cinema?

Collect in cinema
Your tickets are available at your chosen cinema for collection as soon as the booking has been confirmed, and remain available until the start of the selected performance.

All Cineworld Cinemas are equipped with Advance Booking ticket collection points (ATMs). Simply take the payment card you used to make your booking with you to collect your ticket/s from the ATM in the cinema foyer or at any cinema till point. We only need your payment card to find your tickets; there will be no further charge made to your card.

We have tried to ensure we have enough ticket machines. However, if there is very long queue you can pick up your tickets from any sales point.

Book your tickets online as usual and your confirmation email will contain a QR code. If you show this QR code on your mobile screen or on a print out at drop-box (where your tickets get torn on the way into the screen), a team member will scan your code and you, along with anyone else included in your booking can walk straight into your screening. If you have Passbook on your iPhone you can save your mobile-ticket to your Passbook app. You may still collect printed tickets before your screening at the counter or kiosks if you prefer. If you do so, your mobile-ticket / QR code will no longer work and you will need to use the collected tickets to access your film.

Please note:
To make the most of your booking, we suggest that you collect your tickets 20 minutes before the performance commences. Tickets not collected from the cinema box office/till point/ATM or mobile-tickets not presented for entry to the relevant cinema auditorium 10 minutes after the performance time has started will be cancelled.  Tickets booked online using an Unlimited Card must be collected at the cinema at least 20 minutes before the advertised screening time on the day of performance otherwise we may release the ticket for general sale.

If you have purchased a concession/student ticket or booked a ticket online using your Unlimited Card, please ensure that you bring your proof of entitlement/Unlimited Card with you to the cinema as you may be required to produce it on entry to the cinema. 


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