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Are there any specific requirements for my Unlimited card photo?

You will need to upload a photo of yourself as part of the application process. The photograph is a very important part of the application process – cinema staff need to be able to recognise that you are the Unlimited Card holder when they ask to see your card.

It is your responsibility to provide a photograph that is a good likeness of you. If cinema staff cannot recognise you from the photo on your Unlimited Card they will retain the card and you will need to contact the Unlimited Helpline to order and obtain a replacement (administration fee payable, currently £10/€16). You will not be able to use your Unlimited Card until a temporary Unlimited Card or your replacement card has been received.

Important things to consider when uploading your photograph:

  • Photographs should be in colour
  • Maximum file size of 1Mb with a sharp/in-focus image (min resolution 171 x 230 pixels)
  • Photograph must be of the applicant only
  • Size should be no smaller than 40 x 30mm
  • Photograph must be portrait (tall) format
  • Photograph must be taken with a light background in a well-lit area
  • photos must be in saved in JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF or GIF format


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