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What happens after the first year of membership?

If you pay for the Unlimited Card monthly your subscription and monthly payments will automatically continue after the first 12 months. You may cancel your membership at any time after the first year by giving us one month's notice. Please refer to the Unlimited Card terms and conditions for more details.

If you pay for the Unlimited Card annually your Unlimited membership will not automatically renew and will come to an end after 12 months unless you request and pay for an extension. We will write to you before the end of your first 12 months of membership to ask whether you would like to renew and to let you know the applicable charges for the Unlimited membership. You have the choice of continuing your membership by paying for the full 12 months up front or moving to the monthly payment plan (direct debit). You will need to contact the Unlimited Helpline by telephone to renew your Unlimited membership as it is not possible to extend annual subscriptions or change payment plans via the Cineworld Website or Unlimited Tablets and receive the upgrade to (or retain) the black Premium Unlimited Card.

Any free months’ membership awarded during your first year through our Recommend a Friend offer will be credited to your account and apply from months 13 and onwards. You will still receive your upgrade to Premium Unlimited during these free months but if you pay annually you will need to contact the Unlimited Helpline to request your new black Premium Unlimited card.


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