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Can someone else pay for my Unlimited card for the online application process?

Yes, it is possible for someone else to pay for your Unlimited card. There are two alternatives, depending on whether you choose the monthly or year in advance option.

Year in advance: the payer can enter their debit or credit card details in the payment details section.

Monthly plan: You will need to indicate in the tick box (under the Date of birth question) of the About you page that someone else will be paying your direct debit. The payer can then enter their debit or credit card details on the Payment details page, and also enter their bank account details needed to set up the direct debit, which will start from the second month of your subscription. The payer will receive a separate email confirming their payment details, which will also summarise the information about you. They will also receive an email before the first direct debit is taken from their bank account, to let them know that the direct debit has been set up.