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1 Access to the mycineworld area of the Web Site is restricted to authorised Users only. Unauthorised individuals attempting to access the mycineworld part of the Web Site may be subject to prosecution.

2 The User is solely responsible in all respects for any use of the username and password which the User selects at the time he/she registers for the mycineworld area. The User must not share their password with, or transfer it to, any third parties.

3 If the User becomes aware of any unauthorised use of their username and password, they must notify Cineworld Cinemas immediately either by emailing, or by telephoning +44 333 003 3444. Cineworld Cinemas will not be responsible for any such unauthorised use.

4 Cineworld Cinemas reserves the right to withdraw or amend any offers made to Users and/or persons registered with mycineworld at any time and without notice, including in relation to the level of my cineworld online discount being offered and the application of a booking fee.

5 Discounts on Cineworld Cinemas ticket prices made to Users and/or persons registered with mycineworld do not apply to tickets purchased for performances at The Screening Rooms in Cheltenham and Alternative Content performances.  For more information on offers available at The Screening Rooms, customers should visit

6 Users who opt to use Facebook Connect when registering to mycineworld will also be subject to Facebook’s terms and conditions of use and privacy policy, for which Cineworld is not responsible.

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