Another Round: book your tickets for the Cineworld Unlimited screening

Danish drama Another Round (original title 'Druk', or 'binge drinking') is your next Cineworld Unlimited screening. Director Thomas Vinterburg, acclaimed for the likes of Festen and The Hunt, brings his incisive and darkly humorous touch to this story of four middle-aged men and a decidedly unorthodox approach to drinking.

The ever-excellent Mads Mikkelsen (Casino Royale; The Hunt) leads the cast as Martin, a high school teacher who has reached an unsatisfactory plateau in his life. Bereft of intimacy with his wife and disengaged from his job, Martin is at his wit's end – until he commits to an alcoholic experiment with his friends that promises to turn his life around. 

Together, the four men commit to increasing their daily blood alcohol content to 0.05, the theory being that it makes one more relaxed and happy. While initially successful, it doesn't take long for a sense of dependency to take hold – what does the reliance on drink tell each of the men about the nature of their lives? Finding out is a journey laced with revelations, morbid laughs and more than a few poignant moments, this contradictory mixture of rawness and compassion having long been a characteristic of Vinterburg's work.


Another Round won the 2020 Oscar for Best International Feature Film and has been the recipient of much acclaim, particularly for Mikkelsen's performance. ABC News critic Pete Travers describes the movie as a "hilarious and heartbreaking spellbinder" with Mads Mikkelsen on "peak form".

Click here to book your tickets for the Cineworld Unlimited screening of Another Round. The film is previewing on the 29th of June. Let us know @Cineworld and using #CineworldUnlimited when you've secured your ticket.