Chaos Walking: new clip showcases Daisy Ridley and Mads Mikkelsen

Upcoming sci-fi adventure Chaos Walking plunges us into a strange dystopian environment. The story, adapted by Patrick Ness from his own novel, takes place on New World, a planet devoid of women where the male inhabitants can hear each other's thoughts. The process materialises not just aurally but via bizarre coloured energy known as 'noise'.

Tom Holland stars as survivalist character Todd who vows to protect crash survivor Viola (Daisy Ridley). Being of the opposite sex, no-one can read what she's thinking, which makes her a valuable quarry for the scheming Prentiss (Mads Mikkelsen). Does Viola hold the key to understanding 'noise' and the fabric of New World?

Check out the latest clip from the movie, showcasing Ridley and Mikkelsen locked in a battle of wills. It's a nice display of star power with representatives of both the Star Wars and Fantastic Beasts franchises going head to head. (Don't forget that Mikkelsen is playing our new Grindelwald.) The fact that Spider-Man is chucked in there isn't bad either.


Chaos Walking is listed as 'coming soon' in the UK and Ireland, so stay tuned to the Cineworld blog and Twitter @Cineworld for more details.