Cineworld Cinemas Closure Update & FAQ | COVID-19

We can confirm that our cinema in Ireland remains closed until further notice, in line with all Cineworld cinemas across the UK which closed on October 9.

We did everything in our power to support safe and sustainable re-openings of our cinemas and we are so very grateful for our employees who implemented the new protocols, which resulted in lots of positive feedback from customers who visited our cinemas and felt safe. We were very proud of the fact that cinemas were open for 2 months and there was not one COVID case resulting from visiting the cinema. This was not a decision we made lightly.

As we have done to date, we will do everything we can to save livelihoods and the company – this is an extremely delicate and tricky balance. We continue to work with the Cinema Association, to ensure we are lobbying government to support our employees and the industry which has so much cultural significance.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will communicate our future plans to resume operations once film studios are able to bring their pipeline of major movie releases back to the big screen. We can assure you that once a line-up of movie releases is confirmed, we will be ready to re-open our cinemas, as we did in August, with the same safety levels you have already seen while at the same time keeping the great experience that you are used to getting from us.

A big thank you goes to you, our movie-loving customers; your health and wellbeing has always been our priority during this difficult time and we look forward to welcoming you back as soon as possible to enjoy a full slate of films and government restrictions allow.

If you have any questions, please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions below.

You will be able to get updates on the status of our cinemas via email, if you are a My Cineworld or Unlimited member, the Cineworld mobile app and online at

We sincerely wish good health for you and your families during these uncertain times.

The Cineworld Team




When will Cineworld reopen? 

At present there is no date for re-opening, however we will continue to monitor the situation closely and will communicate any future plans to resume operations once film studios are able to bring their pipeline of major movie releases back to the big screen. We will also be following government and health authority guidelines to ensure we are in a position to re-open with the health and safety of our colleagues and customers as a priority.

When did Cineworld temporarily close?

Our cinema in Ireland closed in line with Dublin County’s lockdown restrictions back in September, and all UK cinemas that were open at the time were closed on 9th October 2020.

How will you let customers know when the cinema is up and running again?

We will post any update on our website and social channels as well as sending an email to our My Cineworld and Unlimited customers. Alternatively, you can get updates right here on the Cineworld blog or on our national Twitter and Facebook pages, and your local Cineworld’s Facebook page.

How do I get in contact with you?

You contact us via email on [email protected]. Please note, it may take us several days to get back to you.

Can I access My Cineworld account while cinemas are closed?

As our cinemas will be closed, online account management has been temporarily disabled for security purposes. This service will be available again when our cinemas reopen. We’ll email you when we’re up and running again.

I have a My Cineworld Plus account. What will happen to my account?

We will be extending the membership of all My Cineworld Plus accounts retrospectively once we re-open equivalent to the total duration that we were closed.

My Cineworld gift card has expired, or will expire soon. What do I need to do?

Once we re-open, get in touch with our customer service team through our call centre or on Twitter and Facebook and we will replace your gift card for you.

My Cineworld gift box has expired, or will expire soon. What do I need to do?

Once we reopen, we will automatically extend the validity of all Gift Box or E-Gift vouchers by the total period of time that our cinemas were closed. This means all Christmas gift boxes or Christmas e-gifts purchased in 2019 will no longer expire in December 2020. Likewise, any standard gift boxes or e-gifts purchased during the year will not expire during our closure period and will be automatically extended to cover any closure periods.

I received complimentary ticket codes or retail voucher codes that have expired/are due to expire. Will I get new ones?

Once we reopen, get in touch with our customer service team through the call centre or on Twitter and Facebook and they will be able to look into this for you.

Will all your Starbucks close temporarily?

Yes, all on-site Starbucks will be closed in line with the cinemas.


I have booked tickets for Cineworld. What happens now?

All online bookings will be refunded and you should receive confirmation of your refund via email. If you have an outstanding booking and haven’t received a refund by the end of this week, please email your booking reference to [email protected]. If you need a refund for a booking made in the cinema rather than online, please email a picture of the unused tickets to the same email address.

I have booked tickets using a Cineworld gift card. How will I get refunded?

If you booked online, all bookings will be automatically refunded. If you paid in full or in part with a Cineworld gift card, the gift card will be automatically re-credited. If you no longer have the gift card, you will need to email us at [email protected].

I have booked tickets using a third party voucher code for Cineworld. What happens now?

If you booked online using a third-party voucher code, you should be able to get a new code from the third party. Please contact them directly.


I am an Unlimited member. What will happen to my membership?

As per the last time we closed temporarily, your membership will continue in line with the Unlimited membership terms.

If you pay for your Unlimited membership monthly, please be assured that we’ll not be taking any Unlimited payments during the closure. Some payments may still be taken in the next few days for direct debit requests which have been already issued. You will not lose any prepaid time as we will credit you and reduce your first monthly fee(s) when we re-open accordingly. If you prefer, we will be happy to refund in full payments taken in October, provided that you have no used your Unlimited card this month. If you wish to have you October payment refunded, you can get in contact via email on [email protected]

Alternatively, if you have paid for your membership annually up front, your membership will be extended by the period of closure (with no further charge) and you will be able to continue enjoying your membership for that extended period once our cinemas are open again.

Memberships will continue while we are closed, so if you are currently a red card holder and your anniversary comes during the closure period, you will be upgraded to black card during the closure so your Premium Membership will be ready to use as soon as we re-open.

What about the October offers (free cinema snacks and free IMAX upgrade) I was sent last week?

We are still open until end of close on Thursday, so you have a few more days to redeem your free regular popcorn, free regular nachos, and the free IMAX uplift. If you don’t get a chance to redeem your freebies by then, don’t worry. We will extend the offers by 3 weeks from our re-opening date for all active members with a Direct Debit set up.

How do I cancel my Unlimited membership?

If you still prefer to cancel your Unlimited card, you can get in contact via email on [email protected]