Meet Daniel, August's Unlimited Fan of the Month!

We're delighted to announce that August's Unlimited Fan of the Month is Daniel. This is his story...

1. Which Cineworld do you consider your local?

My local Cineworld cinema is The Shrewsbury branch.

2. When did you sign up to Cineworld Unlimited?

I first signed up for Unlimited in July 2010 and it's the best decision I've ever made. 

3. What made you decide to sign up to Unlimited?

I decided to sign up to unlimited because it's an absolute no brainer, the value for money is unbelievable and I couldn't do without it.

4. Do you have an Unlimited buddy you go to the cinema with?

I go to Cineworld with seven of my friends and I've given us the nickname the cinegang. I even organise secret screenings where I book a film for us and no one else knows what it is and we all turn up to watch a mini secret screening. I am responsible for introducing them all to unlimited and my sister in law and her two kids. 

5. What's the first film you saw at the cinema?

The first film I saw at the cinema was Ghostbusters 2 with my Dad but the first film I used for my Unlimited card was The Hangover and I've never looked back. 

6. What's your favourite must-have cinema snack? Do you have a cinema snack hack?

While I'm at the cinema I've got to have my favourite snack, which is a large mixed bag of popcorn with Maltesers dropped in.

7. What's your absolute favourite part about going to the cinema?

I love going to the cinema because it's great to meet up with the cinegang and getting lost in different worlds together. 

8. What's the most number of films you've watched at the cinema in one day/week/month?

The most number of films I watched in a day was four. I also did eight in a week once. My best monthly viewings was 17 in films in a month. 

9. What do you love most about being an Unlimited member?

What I love most about my Unlimited card is all the benefits I get with it plus i also feel like a member of a really cool club that only the unlimited community is part of, also it's UNLIMITED AND THE FILMS ARE UNLIMITED.


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