Meet Matt, September's Unlimited Fan of the Month

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We're delighted to announce that September's Unlimited fan of the month is Matt – this is his story...

1. Which Cineworld do you consider your local?

Valley Centertainment, Sheffield

2. When did you sign up to Cineworld Unlimited?

March 2016 was when I signed up for Unlimited.

3. What made you decide to sign up to Unlimited?

I've always loved watching movies at the cinema because the experience is beyond belief! I went at least once a week maybe twice booking online every time! I had just passed my driving test so it never made more sense to get a card so I could enjoy unlimited movies and get there whenever I wanted! Since then, I live by my Unlimited card!

4. Do you have an Unlimited buddy you go to the cinema with?

I have two actually! Longtime friends of mine who also love movies! We all have unlimited memberships and go once a week! It's the three Unlimited amigos! We could make our own film called THE UNLIMITED JOB!

5. What's the first film you saw at the cinema?

I was young at the time but will never forget the first film I saw at the cinema was Spider-Man 3. I watched the first two on DVD over and over and over so the third film came around and I nagged and nagged my parents until I finally got to catch up with my favourite web slinger!

6. What's your favourite must-have cinema snack? Do you have a cinema snack hack?

My favourite cinema snack has to be a large sweet popcorn with a large Pepsi Max! May sound basic but the classic popcorn and Cola cinema snacks appeal to my inner cinema fanboy! A little snack hack I can recommend is getting some of the chocolate gourmet popcorn and mixing it into your sweet popcorn – adds a nice twist every now and then!

7. What's your absolute favourite part about going to the cinema?

My favourite part of going to the cinema is the opening scene at the start of every movie when your sat there with a full bag of popcorn and drink waiting to watch the movie and the feeling of forgetting where you are and the only thing on your mind is the movie and screen! It truly is another world!

8. What's the most number of films you've watched at the cinema in one day/week/month?

The most number of films in a day is 4! 2 of them was the same movie ! I saw it the first time and was that amazed I had to go straight back in and get my head around it! The most in a week has to be the same week – I saw one film three times and then watched another three! The Amazing Spider-Man is one of my favourites, safe to say!

9. What do you love most about being an Unlimited member?

What I love the most is being able to go to watch all the latest movies whenever I want, could be a quiet afternoon I just hop in the car and go, I only work 5 mins away so I can go after work any time and I love to go with my girlfriend and three amigos and watch all the latest films as many times and as often as I want!


Thanks for sharing, Matt! Think YOU should be our next Unlimited Fan of the Month? Then remember to shout about being part of the Cineworld Unlimited club on Twitter and Instagram with the #CineworldUnlimited hashtag for your chance to be next! 

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