Cineworlders share what they miss the most about the big screen experience

During the lockdown period, many Cineworlders have taken to social media to express what they miss the most about going to Cineworld.

We thought we'd round up a few of the most emotive responses, starting with this from Gary.

Karl says it's the loss of seasonal anticipation that's hit him the most.

Chrissie loves the immersive quality of formats such as 4DX - plus the option to combine them with snacks in a theatre environment.

Jennifer says she can't wait to get back to maximising her Unlimited card.

Some Cineworlders have really gone to town to replicate what they love about the cinema. Check this out from Natasha.

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Jeremy has already made a promise to himself.

And Simone is hopeful that brighter things lie on the horizon.

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