Elysium director Neill Blomkamp talks Matt Damon and making mammoth sci-fi

ElysiumElysium is the latest sci-fi colossus from South African-born director Neill Blomkamp. If you remember, Blomkamp (see image below) exploded onto the moviegoing scene in 2009 with the terrific District 9. That film combined sly political commentary with ass-kicking thrills. Or to put it another way, it had brains to go with the brawn.

So Elysium has got us rather excited indeed! Once again Blomkamp fuses piercing social commentary with scenes of kick-ass weaponry, with reluctant hero Matt Damon bridging the divide between rich and poor in a dystopian future.

The 'Elysium' of the title refers to the massive space station on which mankind's richest inhabitants are Neill Blomkampnow housed, one of several nifty and intelligent ideas Blomkamp puts into play. Watch the following interview, in which Blomkamp chats at length about his inspiration for the film, and the contrasting acting styles of Damon and Sharlto Copley (his District 9 star who appears in Elysium as the villainous Kruger).

Like what you're hearing? We certainly do! Elysium is out in Cineworld now. Click here to book tickets.