Enjoy 5 Unlimited screenings this January and see the biggest movies first at Cineworld

As 2023 begins, we're treating Cineworld Unlimited members to something truly special. We've got five (yes, five) preview screenings headed your way in January, meaning you can see the biggest movies first and become the envy of friends and family.

So, what's on and when? Scroll down to discover the movies, dates and other essential details that will help get the new year off to a flying start.


1. Till (screening January 1st)

The heart-wrenching true story of the tragic youngster Emmett Till makes for compelling viewing. In 1955, 14-year-old Emmett was killed in a racially motivated attack in Mississippi, compelling his dedicated mother, Mamie, to step up and pursue justice in his name.

Actor (and potential Oscar contender) Danielle Deadwyler is truly outstanding in the central role of Mamie, assaying a woman who must balance her raw sense of grief with her emergent role as an activist in the Civil Rights Movement. Out of the darkness of Emmett's death comes a steadily inspiring story of education and compassion, a real-life account that demands to be heard the world over.

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2. Empire of Light (screening January 3rd)

Oscar-winning director of American Beauty, Skyfall and 1917, Sam Mendes, crafts a heartfelt ode to the power and magic of the silver screen. He elicits the collaboration of the excellent (not to mention Oscar-winning) Olivia Colman, who puts a human face on the faded yet beguiling facade of a 1980s English coastal cinema.

Top Boy's Micheal Ward, Oscar winner Colin Firth and Toby Jones round out the cast while the Oscar-winning cinematographer Roger Deakins (a regular Mendes collaborator) once again spins the patterns of everyday life into something truly hypnotic.

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3. A Man Called Otto (screening January 5th)

Tom Hanks has played a lot of roles, but he very rarely embodies unpleasant people (his enjoyably obnoxious turn in A League of Their Own aside). However, he now undertakes the unlikely role of a perennially grumpy busybody in this English-language remake of the hit Swedish movie A Man Called Ove from 2015, itself adapted from the successful 2012 novel of the same name.

When his wife dies and he is forced to retire from his job of nearly 40 years, miserable 60-year-old Otto decides to end his life. But his attempts are constantly interrupted by his boisterous new neighbors, which leads to an unlikely friendship in this poignant comedy-drama from Finding Neverland helmer Marc Forster.

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4. Plane (screening January 17th)

Gerard Butler has saved The White House (Olympus Has Fallen), the British capital (London Has Fallen) and the entire world (Geostorm). So, landing a stricken plane should be a piece of cake, right?

Don't be so sure. In this white-knuckle actioner, Butler's character, airline pilot Brodie Torrance, successfully puts a lightning-damaged plane down on a remote island where the passengers are soon taken hostage by dangerous rebels. Brodie's only chance at help? Convicted murderer and the FBI's most wanted, Louis Gaspare (cult action movie favourite Mike Colter).

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5. Unwelcome (screening January 24th)

In the mood for some new year chills? Don't miss this supernatural shocker about a young couple who discover that their remote Irish home plays host to all manner of woodland monsters.

Douglas Booth (Romeo and Juliet) and Hannah John-Kamen (Ant-Man and The Wasp) play the imperiled pair in the latest offering from director Jon Wright, who landed a cult hit with his 2012 drunken comedy-horror Grabbers.

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