Marry Me: book your tickets for the Cineworld Unlimited screening

In the mood for a romantic big-screen experience this Valentine's Day? Then you don't want to miss Marry Me, the new rom-com starring the Queen of the genre, Jennifer Lopez. Lucky Cineworld Unlimited members get to see the film on 10th February, four days prior to its nationwide release date.

Lopez plays Kat Valdez, a music star who is about to marry her beau live in the midst of a media and fan frenzy. But when Kat discovers her partner has been unfaithful, she instead gets her nuptials together with Charlie (Owen Wilson), a stranger she plucks from the crowd.

Based on the popular webcomic of the same name, Marry Me promises to unite two comedy veterans in a feel-good experience that will deliver all the love you need this Valentine's Day. Check out the trailer below.


Click here to book your Cineworld Unlimited tickets for Marry Me. The movie screens on 10th February ahead of the film's wider release date on 14th February. And if you can't bear missing out on the fun, then click here to sign up to Cineworld Unlimited today.