Gripping thriller Missing is packed with twists say Cineworld Unlimited members

How does one go about tracking down their missing parent? That's the riveting premise of Missing, a unique thriller that plays out entirely through the perspective of texts, WhatsApp messages and social media history. Storm Reid plays the young woman whose journey to discover what happened to her mother leads to many shocking revelations.

The movie comes from the makers of the hit 2018 thriller Searching, which used app-based devices to similarly suspenseful effect. Unlimited members got to experience Missing in advance of its release date and we've rounded up a few of their responses below.

Missed the screening? You can experience the thrills and surprises of Missing when it's released at Cineworld on February 24th. Watch the trailer below and get an idea of what's in store.

Unlimited members are being treated to several more exciting advance screenings over the next few weeks. The next must-see preview aligns perfectly with Valentine's Day: the bubbly and sweet-natured rom-com What's Love Got To Do With It? The movie is playing on February 14th so we expect to see all of you hopeless romantics there!


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