Mrs Brown on what to expect from Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie

Mrs. Brown, the star of massively popular TV show Mrs. Brown’s Boys, arrives on the big screen on 27th June in Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie.

Played by Irish actor Brendan O'Carroll, Mrs. Brown has garnered a huge following of devoted fans since first appearing on Irish radio in 1992.

But what does Mrs. Brown herself have to say about her big screen debut? "Listen, I didn't even think I'd be signing off the dole in 1992," she says. "I'm absolutely delighted... TV pays you f***k all!"

In the film, Mrs. Brown is forced to leap into action to protect the future of her Dublin fruit and veg stall. The Avengers eat your heart out!

Still, there's no doubt that Agnes will soon be hobnobbing with the Hollywood elite. Is she in it for the awards? "I haven't seen an Oscar since my husband died!" she laughs.

You know what they say – you can take the woman out of Dublin...

Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie arrives in Cineworld on 27th June.