NT Live 2022: Leopoldstadt in Cineworld – everything you need to know

The NT Live 2022 season presents the unmissable Leopoldstadt, from towering UK playwright Tom Stoppard. Scroll down to find out more, including behind-the-scenes details and screening dates.


What is the story of Leopoldstadt?

Revered playwright and Oscar-winning screenwriter Tom Stoppard (Shakespeare in Love) presents his bold new play, a gripping saga of family love beset by tragedy and circumstance. The story spans more than 50 years of the 20th century, exploring the life of Jewish factory owner Hermann Merz who lives in the Jewish quarter of Vienna, an area known as Leopoldstadt. Hermann's marriage to a Catholic woman, the annexation of Austria and his eventual persecution from Nazi tyranny, form just part of the remarkable tapestry in this arresting production. More than 40 actors take to the stage as we revolve through distinct stages in Hermann's life, filmed live in London's West End.



What has the cast of Leopoldstadt said about the production?

Watch the following interviews with the cast members to hear their thoughts on Leopoldstadt.



Where can we watch clips of Leopoldstadt?

Scroll down to watch extracts from the Leopoldstadt production.





Where can we watch the trailer for Leopoldstadt?

Watch the trailer below and click here to book your tickets for Leopoldstadt. The production screens in Cineworld on 27th January 2022.