Searching: Unlimited members cast their verdict on the new thriller

How well can you truly know someone? That's the question lying at the heart of eerily compelling thriller Searching, one that is inventively told entirely from the point of view of technological devices.

Star Trek's John Cho plays a widowed father on the search for his missing daughter. With the police investigation pulling up few clues, he delves into her social media accounts, uncovering more than a few shocking secrets in the process.

Searching is the feature-length debut of director Aneesh Chaganty and has already impressed the critics Stateside. And we've got the lowdown from last night's Unlimited screening, in which lucky audiences got to see the movie in advance of its UK release date on 31st August.

We'll start with this from Andrew Ross who says the movie does an excellent job of exploring our fractious relationship with technology.

Gillarms says there's a tell-tale sign that the movie was working brilliantly for him.

Nadine goes a step further, describing the movie as one of 2018's greatest surprises.

CarltheKaka says this is very much the thriller we need right now.

Andrew believes it puts a fresh new twist on the tried-and-tested found footage format.

LauraS says the movie works because of the emotions underpinning the storyline.

Simo Winskill on the other hand is critical of the plot.

Likewise, John Carstairs says that, personally, he couldn't buy into the concept.

Contrast that with Dominic's following response and we've got another Unlimited screening that's got film fans talking.

Thanks everyone for your honest responses. Don't forget that you can delve into the mystery all over again when Searching is released on 31st August. Anyone else who was at last night's screening, send us your reactions @Cineworld and using #CineworldUnlimited.

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