Bollywood acting icon Shah Rukh Khan to visit Cineworld Feltham

Bollywood acting royalty comes to Cineworld Feltham this evening, as the iconic Shah Rukh Khan comes to turn to promote his latest movie Dilwale.

This is an experience not to be missed as Bollywood's number one actor (he also has over 16 million Twitter followers) brings the glitz and glamour. Watch Khan and the rest of the film's stars tread the red carpet before they attend an exclusive screening and Q&A.

Legendary Shah Rukh Khan is renowned as one of Indian cinema's biggest personalities and producers. Since making his acting debut with 1992's Deewana, he's gone on to deliver unforgettable performances in the likes of Chak De! India and My Name is Khan. He was also described by the Los Angeles Times as "possibly the world's biggest movie star" – so make sure you're crowding the red carpet as he sweeps into Feltham.

So what about his latest movie? Dilwale is a romantic action comedy directed by the esteemed Rohit Shetty and co-starring Kajol and Vraun Dhawan. Check out the trailer.

Can't wait to set eyes on Shah Rukh Khan's latest awesome movie? Then click here to book your tickets for Dilwale, which opens on 18th December, and make sure you're front of the queue for tonight's all-star event at Feltham. Show off outrageously @Cineworld.