What's On at Cineworld: Luke and Daniel on Deadpool's arrival in the MCU

In the latest movie-filled instalment of What's On At Cineworld, Luke and Dan are getting fired up by Deadpool's imminent debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). We've been waiting a long time for Ryan Reynolds' mouthy merc to upset the established Marvel order (in a good way, naturally). Well, it finally looks set to become a reality.

As our hosts anticipate the impact of Deadpool's arrival in the MCU, they're also exploring the new release of Elvis in Cineworld. Baz Luhrmann's glossy staging of Elvis Presley's life story hinges on a remarkably convincing performance from Austin Butler in the title role, so have you got your blue suede shoes ready?

Also, Luke and Dan take a look back at the joyous Lightyear premiere at Cineworld. We sent a group of young space cadets to interview the likes of Chris Evans, Keke Palmer and Taika Waititi, and we think the hilarious results speak for themselves. Not yet watched Lightyear in Cineworld? Remember, with our Family Ticket, adults pay kids' prices, meaning you can be more childish together as you head to infinity and beyond.

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