Celebrate the Oscars at Cineworld – all screenings only £5

Are you taking bets on the 2023 Academy Awards? We'll have to see if your hot tips pay off on the big night itself (March 12th).

However, before we get there, we're thrilled to announce the return of several major Oscar contenders to the big screen at Cineworld. Even more amazingly, you can enjoy these incredible films for just £5. 

We're presenting six of the most acclaimed movies for your pleasure, allowing you to catch up on films you may have missed, or simply presenting the opportunity for another awestruck glimpse. Movies are showing at select locations only.

Scroll down in the following blog post to discover each movie and the dates they're playing at a Cineworld cinema near you. 


1. The Banshees of Inisherin [screening 6th, 8th and 12th of March]

This year's Oscars frontrunner (it's nominated for nine awards, including Best Picture) is an acclaimed dramedy that induces guffaws and gasps in equal measure. But that's what we've come to expect from the brilliantly acerbic Martin McDonagh, the playwright turned screenwriter/director whose memorably caustic touch has already graced the likes of In Bruges.

That film's duo, Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson, are in career-best (and Oscar-nominated) form in this twisted story of two Irish island BFFs and the unexpected break-up that engulfs their lives. Not only that, but it also has serious ramifications on the local community that's already haunted by the landward spectre of the Irish Civil War.

McDonagh revels in subverting our expectations as Farrell's Padraic and Gleeson's Colm mix up a complex mixture of sympathy and revulsion, en route to a powerful conclusion. Memorable support comes from recent BAFTA winners, and fellow Oscar nominees, Barry Keoghan and Kerry Condon.

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2. Elvis [screening 7th, 8th and 10th of March]

Elvis new image

Austin Butler brings a little more spark to this year's Oscar race with his transformative appearance as Elvis Presley. Butler has now secured both the Best Actor BAFTA and a Best Actor Oscar nomination for the role, and deservedly so. 

Butler's assimilation of Presley's physical stance and voice (it's Butler's singing that we hear during Elvis' early years) is truly impressive, nailing the charisma of the man who sent crowds wild with a mere shake of the hips. However, it's when the film darkens that Butler gets to dig beneath the flashy, exuberant facade, exposing a lonely, isolated talent that is cruelly locked into a Las Vegas residency by manager Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks).

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3. Everything Everywhere All At Once [screening 7th, 9th and 10th of March]

Everything Everywhere All At Once movie

The possibilities of the multiverse are blown wide open in this, one of 2022's most popular and acclaimed films that cooks up a seemingly impossible stew of tasty ingredients. Malaysian screen veteran and Oscar nominee Michelle Yeoh gets a rare Hollywood leading role and runs with it, playing laundromat owner Evelyn who discovers that she must unite her various selves from across the multiverse.

Should Evelyn fail, a demon that manifests in the form of her estranged daughter Joy (Stephanie Hsu) will destroy everything in human existence with the assistance of a giant bagel. Say what? Well, that's just a taste of the craziness on display in directorial duo Daniels' fast-paced and imaginative sci-fi adventure.

On a mere $20 million budget, the movie has landed 11 Oscar nominations and a permanent place in people's hearts.

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4. Aftersun [screening 7th, 9th and 10th of March]

Aftersun movie

Charlotte Wells' piercing feature film debut is a haunting and emotional meditation on loss that announces her as a bold new talent. (Wells has claimed the BAFTA for Outstanding British Debut, in addition to a host of independent awards.)

If you missed Aftersun on its initial, limited run at Cineworld, now is your chance to engage with one of 2022's most memorable films. Oscar nominee Paul Mescal and screen newcomer Frankie Corrio are stunning as the father-daughter-duo whose fateful late-1990s holiday to an all-inclusive Turkish resort defines their lives, for better and for worse.

Wells' perceptive movie ripples in and out like the tide, touching upon manifest themes including the optimism of childhood, the relative darkness and ambiguity of adulthood, and cinema's ability to replicate the process of human memory. 

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5. The Fabelmans [screening 6th and 8th of March]

The Fabelmans movie

Steven Spielberg, the revered director of Jaws. E.T. and Schindler's List, tackles the spectre of his parent's divorce in this intimate biographical drama.

Spielberg and Lincoln writer Tony Kushner invent on-screen surrogates for Spielberg's own experiences, which are variously warm, joyous and deeply poignant. When young Sammy Fabelman is stunned by a visit to see The Greatest Show on Earth at the cinema, it prompts him to pick up a movie camera and deal with his anxiety via the power of make-believe.

Sammy's nascent filmmaking journey carries him into adolescence as Spielberg sketches a magical impression of his own rise to directorial prowess. Intercut with Sammy's own journey is that of his fracturing parents, Mitzi and Burt (Michelle Williams and Paul Dano), whose influence spreads a prominent yet gentle glow akin to light from a projection booth.

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6. TÁR [screening 6th and 9th of March]

TAR movie

Is it time for Cate Blanchett to claim her third Oscar? The actor's incendiary performance in TÁR may indicate that it's within reaching distance. She plays the eponymous Lydia Tár, the illustrious yet feared and enigmatic conductor of a prestigious Berlin orchestra whose command of time from the conductor's podium doesn't exactly reconcile with the control over her personal life.

Both Blanchett and writer-director Todd Field manufacture an archetypal fall from grace as Lydia's brilliance curdles into arrogance, and several mistakes from earlier in her life threaten to compromise her extraordinary international reputation. Blanchett learned to conduct an orchestra herself for the role, and she again excels at making unreadable, even unlikeable, characters profoundly interesting.

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Remember, tickets for each of these must-see movies are just £5. Are you planning to watch all of these Oscar-tipped movies on the big screen ahead of the big night? If so, let us know @Cineworld.