Charlie's Angels: book for your Cineworld Unlimited screening

Kristen Stewart returns to mainstream cinema with the upcoming Charlie's Angels reboot. And Cineworld Unlimited members get to see the movie on Tuesday the 26th of November in advance of its release date.

Stewart teams up with Aladdin's Naomi Scott and newcomer Ella Balinska, as they portray the three kick-ass secret agents known as the angels. The characters first appeared in the cult 1970s TV series, which was later rebooted as two movies with Cameron Diaz in the lead. Now, Pitch Perfect's Elizabeth Banks takes charge behind the camera.

Banks co-stars as the new Bosley, while X-Men veteran Patrick Stewart portrays the original. It's a sign of how Banks has sought to update the gender politics and relevance of the Charlie's Angels property for the 21st century.

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