Cineworld ViP experience: make an evening of it by enjoying Morbius in our luxury lounge

Jared Leto is Sony-Marvel anti-hero Michael Morbius in the forthcoming Morbius movie. The movie franchise that started with Venom and continued with Venom 2 expands its ranks, focusing on the titular scientist turned super-powered bloodsucker.  

Want to make an evening of it? Then you need to experience Morbius in ViP, available at selected Cineworld cinemas.


What is the ViP experience?

Make a special occasion extra special with an exclusive lounge, complimentary dining, unlimited snacks and drinks and our intimate screening room with luxury recliner seats. The ViP lounge opens 45 minutes before the advertised start time as shown on your ticket. You are encouraged to relax in our exclusive lounge prior to the start of your film.


Where can we find out more about ViP?

Check out the following video in which our good friend Daniel Layton talks you through the ScreenX experience.


Where can we book our ViP tickets for Morbius?

Click here to book your ViP tickets for Morbius.


When is Morbius released in Cineworld?

Morbius is released in Cineworld cinemas on 31st March.