Classic movies returning to Cineworld this June: Thelma and Louise, The Big Lebowski and The Wicker Man

We have a special treat for you this summer: a trio of stone-cold classic movies back on the big screen at Cineworld where they belong. If you're up for a blast of nostalgia or simply want to re-experience three masterpieces in a brand new light, scroll down to book your tickets.


1. Thelma and Louise 4K restoration (June 7th)

Ridley Scott's timeless road movie is a landmark of early 1990s feminist cinema. The director of Alien, Blade Runner and Gladiator shifts into a more intimate gear in this story of two friends who hit the road in their Thunderbird after killing a rapist.

In the title roles, Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis deliver career-defining performances, both of which were Oscar-nominated. The odyssey of Thelma and Louise is scripted by Callie Khouri who won an Academy Award for her work, and it traces the journey of two fiercely individualistic souls setting the world to rights as they cruise through the American West.

Some 32 years on, Thelma and Louise has lost none of its ability to inspire, move or induce big laughs. And the scale of the movie looks and sounds better than ever in its lustrous new 4K restoration.




2. The Big Lebowski 25th anniversary (June 14th)

"I'm The Dude, man." The Coen brothers' peerless and intentionally meandering riff on Raymond Chandler's crime fiction may have bamboozled audiences on its initial release in 1998, but it's now recognised as their comedy masterpiece, clad in their signature non-sequiturs, memorable lines and on-the-money needle-drop selections.

Jeff Bridges leads the typically eccentric cast of characters as Jeffrey 'The Dude' Lebowski who becomes embroiled in a kidnapping and embezzling plot after two thugs pee on his rug. John Goodman steals the show as The Dude's Vietnam-afflicted, crackpot buddy Walter Sobchak and the who's who of a supporting cast includes Julianne Moore, Steve Buscemi, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Peter Stormare, John Turturro and Sam Elliott.

After all these years, The Dude continues to abide – in fact, he abides more now than he ever did.




3. The Wicker Man 50th anniversary (June 21st)

Are you brave enough to set a date with The Wicker Man this summer? The groundbreaking British folk horror, almost certainly the defining film of that particular genre, is ready to cast its malevolent, slow-burn spell over Cineworld audiences in time for its 50th birthday.

Edward Woodward plays policeman Sergeant Howie whose journey to a remote Scottish island to locate a missing young girl leads to yet more mystery and, eventually, horror. Screenwriter Anthony Schaffer and director Robert Hardy keep viewers guessing throughout with their intimate observations of the off-kilter locals and a soundtrack that increasingly resembles a Ceilidh band gone to hell.

And with a supporting cast topped by genre icon Christopher Lee as the imperious Lord Summerisle, you know you're in for a truly skin-crawling experience that will remain with you after the credits roll.