Happy birthday Jeff Goldblum: celebrating his 7 most 'Goldblumian' moments

Jurassic Park favourite and occasional jazz artist Jeff Goldblum turns 68 today. With his distinctive speech patterns (you can never have too many oohs and aahs in a sentence), offbeat fashion sense and tendency towards scene-stealing roles in our favourite science-fiction movies, Jeff is akin to the eccentric uncle we wish we had.

To celebrate his big day, we've rounded up his seven most 'Goldblumian' moments. No-one else could have pulled these off like Jeff does.

1. Answering WIRED's most-searched questions

Trust Jeff to put his own quirky spin on this. 

2. Making his ears wiggle

Yes, you read that correctly.

3. 'Jeff Goldblum is drunk'

It turns out that distinctive voice gets even weirder when it's slowed down. Don't take our word for it. Check out the video.

4. Discovering his dopplegangers

What's better than Jeff Goldblum? Multiple Jeff Goldblums, of course. He discovered this to his delight on The Graham Norton Show.

5. Reading thirst tweets

Jeff's voice, plus outrageous Twitter content, is like music to our ears. He can make even the most trite thing sound utterly bizarre and idiosyncratic.

6. Cherishing his internet memes on Graham Norton

Jeff Goldblum as a flower? As an oil painting? These are two of the least odd internet memes doing the rounds. Jeff took it in his stride when Graham revealed how much the internet loved him.

7. Recreating his Jurassic Park pose for Jurassic World: Dominion

Remember that totally gratuitous shirtless scene from the first movie? Well, here it is again. Will we see this in Dominion when it's finally released in 2022? Unlikely.


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