Into Film release fun interactive movie guides to help families in lockdown

For all those mums and dads out there, it's a struggle keeping the kids occupied during the lockdown period. And with the curriculum currently suspended and home-schooling a priority, the last thing you want is to be fighting over the choice of home entertainment.

That's where educational charity Into Film steps in. In their own words: "We support teachers and educators to achieve a wide range of effective learning outcomes in their use of film. Our programme includes a network of extra-curricular Into Film Clubs, resources for use in film clubs and in the classroom, training opportunities, a cinema-based film festival and our annual Into Film Awards. It has been designed to meet the needs of all four nations in the UK."

Into Film has now developed a series of exciting and fun interactive movie guides, 50 in total, curated for children of all ages, to stimulate their knowledge of movies and bring the whole family together at the same time. Guides range from infant-level to those suitable for over-16's.

Of course, the tricky question is this: what film do you choose? The choice is vast, ranging from Disney-Pixar's Toy Story for the kids to Alfred Hitchcock's classic chiller Psycho for the teens. Who knows, this might prompt the kind of conversations that will see you through the lockdown period, while also fuelling imaginations at the same time.

For more details, visit the Into Film website. And don't forget to tweet us @Cineworld and let us know how you're progressing with the film guides.