Jumanji: The Next Level – Cineworld Unlimited screening reactions

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Jumanji: The Next Level screened in advance for Cineworld Unlimited members on Friday, and we've rounded up some of the responses to Dwayne Johnson's latest movie.

Johnson joins Welcome to the Jungle cohorts Jack Black, Kevin Hart and Karen Gillan for another round of raucous body swap adventures. Only this time, Johnson and Hart's avatar characters, Smolder Bravestone and Mouse Finbar, are being controlled by the cranky duo of Danny DeVito and Danny Glover.

Given the runaway success of its 2017 predecessor, expectations are high for the new Jumanji movie. So what did Unlimited members make of it? We'll start with this from Paul & the Popcorn, who's already anticipating the third movie. In fact, Paul, it'll be the fourth – let's not forget, Welcome to the Jungle was a direct sequel to the 1995 Robin Williams hit.

Marcus praises the new additions to the cast, which includes Crazy Rich Asians scene-stealer Awkwafina.

Emma says the new Jumanji movie holds up well compared to the previous one.

Niks in Blankets (we love that handle) is another person who believes that The Next Level compares favourably to Welcome to the Jungle.

And Sam says that although for him the film was flawed, it might be a nice family alternative to a certain indie movie arriving this Christmas...

Jumanji: The Next Level arrives in Cineworld cinemas on the 13th of December.

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