Spooky horror on release this March: The Other Side of the Door, The Boy and The Witch

It may not be Halloween for quite some time yet but we've got a bumper selection of wonderfully creepy tales to make your blood run cold. Discover the eerie chillers that are due to arrive in Cineworld this March...

The Other Side of the Door

What's the story?  A grieving mother unleashes unspeakable evil while trying to contact her dead son in this spine-chilling horror.

Maria (Sarah Wayne Callies) lives a perfect life in India with her husband and two young children. But everything changes in an instant when a tragic accident claims the life of her son, Oliver. Then she learns of a way to bring him back to say goodbye.

In a remote abandoned ancient temple, a door serves as a gateway to the world of the dead. But Maria is warned that while she can speak to Oliver, she must on no account open the door. Unable to resist the urge to see him, she disobeys this instruction. Now the portal between worlds is open, upsetting the balance between living and dead - with terrible consequences!

Sarah Wayne Callies, who played Lori in The Walking Dead, stars in this blood-curdling tale of terror from the producer of The Hills Have Eyes.

The Other Side of the Door opens on 4th March.

The Boy

What's the story? A young woman becomes the nanny to a life-sized doll in this creepy horror thrill ride.

Desperate to get away from her abusive boyfriend, young American Greta (Lauren Cohan) takes a job as a nanny in England.

But there's a surprise in store when she arrives at her elderly employers' spooky gothic manor house. Their eight-year-old 'son' turns out to be a life-sized china doll named Brahms! She soon learns that Brahms is a stand-in for their real child, who perished tragically in a fire 20 years earlier.

The couple then depart on holiday, leaving Greta with a list of strict instructions. But when she violates these, a series of terrifying, inexplicable events lead her to believe that Brahms is possessed...

Lauren Cohan, who's best known to horror fans as Maggie in The Walking Dead, stars in this suspenseful supernatural tale from William Brent Bell, director of The Devil Inside.

The Boy arrives on screens on 18th March.

The Witch

What's the story? A 17th century American family experiences supernatural terror in this critically acclaimed period chiller.

It's the 1630s. God-fearing American farmer William (Ralph Ineson), his wife Katherine (Kate Dickie) and their children have been banished from their local plantation due to religious tensions. Fleeing to a new existence on the edge of a deserted and foreboding forest, they attempt to rebuild their lives from scratch.

However, the pious William's attempts to steer his family on a righteous course soon take a decidedly terrifying turn as mysterious events begin occurring around the homestead. When eldest daughter Thomasin's infant son one day disappears, the future of the family comes under threat – but have they brought this menace upon themselves? Or does the threat originate from within the forest itself?

Having stunned the crowds at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, director Robert Eggers' feature film debut has been hailed as one of the most provocative and intriguing spine-tinglers of recent years, a potent blend of history and horror that transports audiences back into America's distant past.

The Witch is unleashed on 11th March.

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