Umma: book tickets for your Cineworld Unlimited screening

Killing Eve star Sandra Oh faces a supernatural crisis in Umma, which is your next Cineworld Unlimited screening. This spine-tingling tale of ancestral trauma and horror comes from producer Sam Raimi, and screens in advance on 21st March.

Oh plays Korean immigrant Amanda who has raised her daughter in strict isolation, off the grid, and absent the trappings of modern life. The two women make a living by raising bees and collecting honey and all appears to be well. That is until Amanda is informed that her long-estranged mother has died, her ashes bequeathed in a mysterious box.

Once the box is opened, it unleashes malevolent paranormal evil that is directly tied to Amanda's tortured history with her late parent. What is the story of Amanda's 'umma' and what does she want? Check out the spooky trailer to find out more.


Click here to book your tickets for Umma, which screens for Unlimited members on 21st March ahead of the film's release date on 25th March.

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