Uncharted: 5 moments from the final trailer that evoke the spirit of the PlayStation game

Uncharted movie Tom Holland Mark Wahlberg

The classic Uncharted gaming series goes live-action in the Uncharted movie. Tom Holland is Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg is Sully in this long-awaited adaptation of the hit Naughty Dog franchise. Here's the latest poster.

Uncharted movie poster

Scroll down to discover the moments from the newly released final trailer that evoke the spirit of the games.


1. The Nathan/Sully banter

Those familiar with the Uncharted games will be steeped in the bantering relationship between Nathan and his mentor Sully. The movie reconfigures this somewhat, casting actors who are younger than their digital avatars. Nevertheless, it's fun to imagine the kind of relationship that went down in Nathan and Sully's early years, as the earpiece sequence ("I'm sitting right here") demonstrates.

Uncharted movie Tom Holland Mark Wahlberg


2. The search for buried treasure

What's an Uncharted story without the possibility of some booty? In the movie, Nathan is on a quest to locate his long-lost brother who, in turn, was looking for a mysterious cache of treasure. The mere sight of those glistening gold ingots is sure to evoke some of the fraught and perilous missions from the classic gaming series.

Uncharted movie Nathan Drake


3. A hidden pirate cave

There's more than a hint of The Goonies in the shot where Nathan discovers a hidden pirate ship. But it also screams the kind of cool environment with which Uncharted fans are familiar.

Uncharted movie Tom Holland


4. The gravity-defying cargo plane jump

Uncharted is famous for testing the mettle and the reaction times of players. The moment in the trailer where Nathan is clambering over some airborne cargo containers, only to be promptly hit by a muscle car, is undoubtedly derived from the kind of sweaty, button-bashing set-pieces seen in the games.

Uncharted movie Tom Holland Nathan Drake


5. The mid-air galleon battle

A pirate ship that floats on the sea? We've all seen that. But two galleons suspended by helicopters, which in turn leads to a hand-to-hand battle? That's the kind of outlandish thing we love about Nathan's adventures.

Uncharted movie


Uncharted is released in Cineworld cinemas on 11th February.